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Where do I begin?

1. Fill out your marketing settings

Your marketing settings affect the information your customers see in your emails. We automatically add your branding and business information to all customer emails - saving you time. Make sure you review your marketing settings. Your contact information, social links, logo, and branding settings are always available for you to edit.

Don't forget to save your changes!

2. Start sending emails

All of your Bizzy emails are accessible from your business dashboard. We help you send two types of emails that you can read more about here. We have included a few best practice examples to get you started!

Funnel Messages: Potential, One-time & Repeat Customers

These automatically get sent when a customer exhibits a specific purchase behavior.

  • We automatically segment your customers into Potential, One-time, and Repeat groups. You can learn more about segments here.
  • Each automated email drip needs to be enabled individually. The Day 0 email gets sent immediately, and the following emails get sent at whatever intervals you specify. In the image below, Day 0 is sent immediately and Day 7 is sent 7 days later. Each customer will get the emails on his/her own schedule according to when he/she received the Day 0 email.
  • You'll know an automated drip is on when a green dot appears next to it in the left navigation. In the image below, Day 0 is on, while Day 7 and Day 21 are off.

Calendar Messages: Sent on a specific calendar date.

These emails get sent once to a specified audience when triggered by you.

  • Send to all customers or a subset of them using one of our templates or a template of your own!
  • Example Broadcast emails include sending a holiday promotion or business update.

We'd be happy to help you setup your first few emails or import any customers additional customer lists lists, just let us know.

Quick start

Where do I begin?